We were running out of time on our Schengen visa once again and after a bit of a scare at the Greek border we weren’t going to take any chances. So we only had 12 days to do Germany the best we could. We’d decided on Berlin for four days, Munich for three and a night in Hamburg before flying to Spain but we hadn’t chosen our last location.

Leaving Ryan and Audrey was hard. We had already got used to being with friends, not having to cart our backpacks from one hostel to another and the thought of going back to that made us both uncomfortable. But hey, that’s what traveling is all about, being pushed out of your comfort zone.

So it was off to Berlin. Berlin was one of those cities that I had always wanted to visit and had relatively high expectations of. It definitely lived up to its name.


The hostel we had chosen was right where we wanted to be, walking distance from all of the action.

We booked ourselves onto a Sandemans free walking tour straight away and had the best morning learning all about the history of Berlin.





Absolutely crazy to imagine everything that went on in one city and not that long ago.


While we were in Berlin we made sure to check out all of the typical tourist haunts, taking the obligatory photos and indulging in some currywurst and good German beer.

I had a sobering visit to Sachsenhausen without poor Adam who was sick on the day.


The World Cup was also on, and Germany was going strong. So we made our way to Alexanderplatz Square where we watched the game with 60,000 people in the pouring rain.



Our second stop in Germany was Munich. It wasn’t as cultural as Berlin but we joined a pub-crawl (Sandemans again) on our second day and had so much fun checking out the beer gardens with our German guide.


He was very knowledgable and the group of people who were also on the tour made it a really fun experience.

Our third stop in Germany was a big surprise. Dresden was a last minute decision for us and we ended up staying there for three days and having a wonderful time. The city had so much history, culture and was very well set-up for tourism. We also found a cute little cafe serving ‘flat white’ coffees which made every day there all the more enjoyable.



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