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Exploring Greece

Exploring Greece

By the time we arrived at Corfu, Adam and I felt well and truly at home on the boat. We ate most of our meals on it, slept on it and spent our days sailing on it. The thoughts and feelings about one day doing this ourselves were not going away in fact they were becoming stronger.

When we got to Corfu we pulled into the most beautiful harbour I have ever seen.




It was right under the fort of Corfu and the views were unreal. As we were parking up, Adam and I were putting ourselves to use dropping down the fenders and getting the ropes ready for Audrey to tie us off. I was at the back of the boat with a rope ready to throw to the harbour man waiting for us on the dock. As I threw it to him, the rope caught one of the straps of my camera case and I felt the clasp break and watched in slow motion as our camera slipped into the sea. I would have jumped in straight away but I was the one in charge of tying us to the jetty. I threw the rope to the man and jumped into the water fully clothed. But alas, our camera had drowned.

We didn’t dwell too much on the demise of our beautiful camera. We had insurance for a reason and told ourselves that we would get a new one in Germany with our pay-out. This meant any photos we took in Greece would be on our iPhones.

Corfu was fun! We had to walk through the fort in order to get to the town which was hilarious as all the other tourists had to pay a hefty entrance fee just to get into it.




We decided on our first full day in Corfu that we would hire quad bikes. This was the best fun! We had them for a full 24 hours which meant we could spend as long as we wanted exploring the island.



Audrey and I were the passengers so we enjoyed a few celebratory cocktails throughout the day while the boys had fun mucking around on the quads.


The weather was superb and the views were spectacular.



After two fun filled days in Corfu we started our journey back to where we started, Lefkas. We decided to stop in for another glorious day/night in Lakka on our way.





Our time with Audrey and Ryan was wrapping up. So we made our last day in Lefkas count by hiring scooters and riding around the whole Island.




Again, the scenery was spectacular and we had so much fun discovering hidden beaches and in some cases private jetties.





Our farewell to Audrey and Ryan was so sad. We had such an amazing, relaxing and fun time with them that we were almost considering staying for a few more weeks. But our flights were booked and we had to move on to the land of pretzels and beer. Germany.