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Italy Adventures – Part Two

Bergeggi, Pisa, Florence & Rome

It only took a few hours to get from Cinque Terra up to Bergeggi on the Northern coast of Italy. It was there that we were reuniting with one of our friends we walked with on the Camino de Santiago, Christian.

Bergeggi is beautiful. A real hidden gem on the Italian coastline.



The beaches were made up of white pebbles and shells and the water was crystal clear. We went for a walk along the coast, stopping in at secluded little beaches and caves.




We had the most wonderful few days catching up with him and meeting his family. We spent our time together reminiscing about the Camino and eating the most delicious food. The weather was glorious and it was fantastic to get an insight into real Italian life. Christian and his partner Irene were fantastic hosts and we bid them a very tearful goodbye as we made our way down to Florence, now over halfway through our time in Italy.

Before we got to Florence we had to stop in Pisa and see the tower. It is the most touristy, ridiculous sight but it was so worth the few hours stop.

Florence was beautiful. Again, we stayed outside of the city centre, but found no hassle in getting in and out of the city at all. Aside from being expensive, Italy’s city transport works quite efficiently unlike their train system.

There was so much to do in Florence that we felt a bit overwhelmed. In the end we made it to most of the famous sites, a highlight being the view of the beautiful city from the square of Michelangelo. We also had some of the best and cheapest pasta we’d had at only 5 Euro for the plate plus water.



After two full days of sightseeing we moved onto Rome – the end of our whirlwind tour through Italy.

Rome had so much to see and do. We stayed at a campground about an hour outside the city centre which made for very long days.

The vatican was amazing. We missed out on St John’s Basillica as there was an outdoor concert happening in St Peter’s Square when we visited. But the sisteen chapel and the other museums did not disappoint. The coloseum was a bit disappointing. We quewed for hours in the hot sun and found it to be rather unexciting when we got inside, not to mention completely packed with people. But we took photos and indulged in a gelato to cool oursleves down afterwards.

The highlight for us was meeting up with our Aussie friends Jake and Amy who we met in Bosnia. They met us on our first night in Rome and took us around to the ‘hip’ area of Traveste and to an amazing pizzaria.



After a lot of wine and beer we made our way to the coloseum which was very impressively lit up against the dark sky.


We made sure we visited the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and other major landmarks, but by the end of our three days we were absolutely exhausted.



Rome was unbelievably hot and we had to keep an eye on how much water we were drinking to avoid dehydration. By the end we were relieved to have a week of relaxation on the Albanian riviera to look forward to. That being said, Italy is one of our favourite countries so far and we have plans to visit for a longer period some time in the future.